Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September 29th

it is Tuesday the 29th and Rackson says we can have a day of rest, I love my son. We slept late I heard stirrings around 0700. It was Heath getting ready for school but I went back to sleep but it was a few minutes later I smelled link sausage and hot coffee. It was time to get up and have a good leisurely meal with good fellowship. It was a little sad as Jr. was not here but at private school for his first day. Grace was showing signs of melancholy so we kept the conversation light. Last night after dinner she and Rackson both thanked us for sending Jr. to school it was an answer to their prayers. It’s funny how they think we blessed them, if they only knew who got blessed. Today think we will do a little planning for Mozambique, get the van tires fixed, we have been running flat on an outside rear for two days, no time to get it repaired and now I think we will have to replace it. As Bro. Mike says “it’s only money”. Even the good roads here are terrible and the bad ones worse. The weather here is warm but with the evening breezes it is very nice but you can feel summer coming every day. We have Escom and water today and hopefully it will last so we can get much needed washing done. Rackson brothers are very faithful washing machines and really do a good job hand washing our wearables, ironing not so much. I wasn’t to thank the Redeemed, as I set here typing this I have them in the background. A little bit of home. I love and miss you all but this is where God has placed me for a while and I plan to bloom with His care.

More later as it happens.

Because of the Cross               

Bro. Chuck

Monday, 28 September 2015

It is Well With My Soul

Support Team

Here are a few more pictures. I hope they give just a little taste of how good service was. The skype call was wonderful. To those who asked, no we did not teach them 145, I heard Grace and the boys singing it in the van, when I picked up on the tune I about fell out of the seat. How great is that?

Bible Way Choir
Bible Way youth choir uniforms
Church bell calling (wheel is bell)
Bosco family singing Jesus is Number 1
Sunday School

pictures of the conference

The teaching begins
Ammon, Noel and Taylor shopping for goats
Preparing dinner

Taylor teaching the children first day
Bosco giving announcements
Full house!

One of the many choirs begin!
Ladies on one side

Men on one side!

September 28th

Friends, family and supporters,
Where to start? It was such a grand day and God was present from the beginning and we knew it.
We got up early as there is always something that needs cleaning and loading in to the van for the trip to the church building. We had no Escom so breakfast was mush and bread. Noel had the water already boiled so I got my coffee and all was well.
When we arrived at church it was to SRO. We had brought our own chairs so we had a place to sit in the back of the building. Over 300 hundred were present for Sunday school. Rackson had asked me to teach and I was ready with a lesson on Faith. We had a short break getting ready for worship service. Service started with singing we had many, many, many choirs from the churches that sent people to the conference. We had singers from Mozambique, Phalombe, Lutchenza, Makwasa, Kautuka, Bwaila, Bvumbwe, Mbulumbuzi, Liwonde, Balaka, Nyezelera, Migowi and Chizinta. So outside of Njuli and Mbulumbuzi we had better than 250 plus people. Some churches sent many and some few, our hope was we get the leadership from all and I think we did. Every church sent a choir or members of their choir. Music is very important to their worship service, as it should be. I will be sending pictures of SOME of the choir over the next few days.
The men and women of Njuli took the task of cooking for all the visitors and they did an excellent job. With the food we purchased, seven 50Kg bags of corn flower, seven goats and very much vegetables, spices they prepared 3,600 meals with only a few complaints and many complements. We ran out of water and had to go to another village and buy from their well. Our well was over taxed with all the cooking and cleaning and people washing themselves and their clothes. That was something we never planned for. We also had to buy more flour as we ran out. The toilets we also over taxed so that was a little problem outside of our planning but we are learning, my idea was to never do it again but I am only one person .
Next on the agenda was announcements of which there were many, then tithes and offerings, Personal testimonies and thanking many people it was time for the man of God to preach, by this time I think John was in a coma from all the singing. I cannot tell just how warm and moist the building was, even the flies were fanning themselves. It was HOT. Bro. John preached a fire and brimstone lesson on what and who makes up the Body of Christ and how they ought to behave in that church. At the conclusion many came to the altar and several for salvation.
In reflecting on the conference and what was accomplished we taught two main classes each day for the adults, two for the teens and young people, a woman’s class, two evening services. I estimated between Bro. John’s lessons and my lessons and our sermons well over 500 scriptures were used and expounded on.
I am not counting what Taylor, Sheila, Sarah and Darcy used but from Sheila’s notes I seen, many.
Many of the attendees were from well taught churches and were well versed in the doctrine of salvation and came to the conference to learn more. With that being said many still came forward calling on the name of the Lord. Many others came forward to get something in their lives right with the Lord.
It has been very strange at times as the people from Mozambique using their cell phones have taken many, many pictures of Sheila, me and Taylor I mean many pictures in and out of the church and having us pose with family and friends. I asked Rackson to explain why. It is because they have never seen a white missionary and can’t believe we came to see them and will come to where they live to preach. They want the pictures as proof they saw white persons and spoke to us. A picture is worth a thousand words I guess.
Lastly, we had proposed a budget of $1400.00 as of this evening going over all that was spent, expected and unexpected we spent $1700.00. God blessed us abundantly and because of your gracious support we were able to meet the need. Still have several weeks of the Lords work to do before we come home. Thursday this week we will be traveling to Mozambique Lord willing. Some of the Pastors who were at the conference pleaded with us to come and preach. We will. I think our brides will come also, that is the plan as of now. Will stop for this is too many words. God bless you till next report.
Because of the Cross,
Chuck, Sheila and Taylor

Sunday, 20 September 2015

September 20th

 Friends, family and supporters,
It seems like a long time between reports but I am telling you we have been busy as little beavers, whatever that means.
We are in the second day of the conference and we are running on stored energy. Today is starting off well, we have (had) both Escom and water and it looks like we will have a good breakfast. The power is on most of the night but goes off around 0500. That is not all bad as it give us a chance to recharge computers and e-readers and such like but for the last few mornings we have boiled mush and buttered bread with jam, makes for a long day till lunch.
Yesterday the 25th was the first day of the conference, the people from Mozambique, Tengani and local Bible Baptist Africa Ministries Churches we trucked in and fed and after an evening service conducted by Bro. John Fullford found a comfortable place on the floor or sheltered areas provided for sleeping. We transported over 200 to attend the conference and they will be staying at Njuli and with the members from Njuli and Mbulumbuzi.  We will have over 400 to feed and care for. Several men from the church will spend the nights there to make sure all is well and secure.
In preparing for our guests, Thursday was a long, long day. Up and out of the house before 0530 and off to buy the fresh vegetables, bread, corn meal, goats, cabbage and tomatoes and whatever else was needed at the last minute. The many and getting things ready.
Friday service got started almost on time, 0830 with John teaching the doctrine of Holy Spirit for three hours in the morning. After lunch I was on deck with the doctrine of Prayer for next four hours. We took a dinner break and were back at 1830 for a salvation message from Bro. John.
The plan for today is I will start off with the remainder of Prayer and after lunch Bro. John will finish his lesson on the Holy Spirt and I will be back this evening with a salvation message with hopes of being home and in bed before 2200.
During the main lessons Sheila and Darcy have the women, while Taylor will be teaching the young men and children and Sarah will have the care and teaching of the young women.  A daunting work at best but one that is important for the churches.
It is 0700 now and we will be leaving soon for Njuli. We will finish this report this evening.
It is 2130 and we are home, what a long wonderful day. We finished our assigned lessons this morning and afternoon sessions. We came home with an hour turnaround time. I had a bologna sandwich and a Sobo drink, took a wet cloth to my face and we were off for the evening service. Sheila was very tired as she spent the afternoon with Darcy and Sarah teaching the women, 15 accepted the Lord as their Saviour. Oh what a blessing. During all the activity taking place at Njuli Taylor relieved much of the pressure by taking the children to the soccer field in the afternoon. A real blessing for those teaching and listening.
We got to evening service with minutes to spare, and two songs and I was introduced by Rackson as the evening’s speaker. I preached an old time salvation message from Ecclesiastes ending with the admonishment reminding them the duty is to obey the Lord and keep his commandments otherwise life means nothing and is empty. Then moved in to Matthew 11 and Jesus saying come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. After exploring those 3 verses we move to John 3:16-18 and I told them they had a choice to make, believe and be saved or believe not being condemned. 40 souls came to the altar 10 for salvation and the others for other burdens to turn over to the Lord. It was a great evening and I was pleased to be a part of it. Got home to a dark house, cleaned up a little and had a bowl of coco puffs and am calling it a day. God is to be praised and thanked for being a loving God.
Because of the Cross,
Bro. Chuck and the rest of the gang Sheila and Taylor
Pictures coming soon.          

September 20th

Friends, family and supporters,
Everyone was up early and excited about our first Sunday in Malawi. We did not have Escom so Grace boiled water over coals and she and Sheila made mush. We had plenty of juice, bread, butter and jam God is good and He cares for us.
We left the house at a little after nine o’clock and arrived just before the 1000 start time. The choir was in full swing and I met and hugged many members who I have grown to love and miss when not here.
On the way over Rackson asked what I wanted to do preach or teach. I left it up to him as it is his pulpit. After introduction were made and everyone was welcomed the choir sang 3 songs and we had prayer and Rackson announced I would be teaching Sunday school, all the children departed to their classroom and Taylor was their teacher along with a young native named Don who was his interpreter.
As I took the platform with Rackson and made my remarks about being back at home I looked over the sea of faces and was over whelmed at how many were in attendance and they were still coming in as I was teaching. It was obvious I was in a
Baptist church, start time is only a target not the goal. They continued to arrive all through the service. Very many of the members have a long way to walk to get there. At the close of my lesson over two hundred were seated and ready for the remainder of Sunday worship service. My text was taken from John 11:1-44 the point being we were all dead in sin and Jesus raised us from the dead as sure as He did Lazarus. After a short break service reconvened with much singing, prayer and the tithe was taken up. When it was time for the man of God to preach Rackson announced that he had decided to preach a lesson other than to one he had prepared for that day. He said while he was interpreting for me God gave him thoughts on what I was teaching and he went on to preach John 11:1-44 with the point being, we have to remove the stone and when called out and when loosed and then go forth, it was outstanding in all respects and good to be there. After shaking hands with about 350 brethren, the place was SRO for service we departed at 1330 and got home to a meal of cold rice, cheese, pickles and Bologna as we still were without power. After some much needed rest it was decreed we would go out for a meal, one there was little to eat that would not need to be cooked and two Grace said it was every man for himself as far as she was concerned so we went out. On the way back from town we were involved in a very big traffic tie-up so Rackson did some very creative off road driving and we got home just as the power came on. Only warm water as the geezer (like a water heater) was off all day but with the heat, wind, dust and road dirt it
was wonderful. Tomorrow, Monday we will be getting prepared for the conference and have a lot of shopping to do and I will let you know how that went in the next installment of the Malawi adventure.
Because of the Cross,
Bro. Chuck and team Bible Way