Thursday, 2 March 2017

March 2nd

Family and friends, I talked with Pastor Rackson Kaiwe just the other day and thought I would like you to know what it is like to have a friend whose life is so different that even death is seen differently. Bro. Chuck

Dear Church family and friends,
I was talking with Pastor Rackson this past Monday morning, evening his time. We were discussing some upcoming work prior to next month visit from missionaries from a wonderful church in Tennessee. They will be there over Resurrection Sunday broadcasting the service live stream. I had called him primarily to wish my grandbaby a happy first birthday. I know all of you remember Rejoice (Joy) from their visit here last year.
During the conversation, he told me that while on the way to church service at Njuli he received a call from one of the members telling him that a one year old baby of one of our church members had been taken to the hospital and was very ill and would Pastor call the family. Rackson said he would call. Before he could reach the church to make a call he received another call telling him the baby had died. Rackson stated as a matter of fact, “they die very fast here as you know” I was taken back by the conversational tone although I am aware as he said about death in Malawi. It happens daily. Here I am calling to wish a baby a happy first birthday, same country, same age, same church and yet one lives in a village and the other not, one lives and one dies. That tells me how important the preaching of the Gospel is to a land where death is mentioned with such ease.
Pastor says he went to the hospital to pick up the baby and the family, brought them to the church for a funeral service which started at noon after regular church service. The family needed help getting a coffin and food which is always a part of the observance. Pastor Rackson preached the service and said many, many hands were raised for salvation. Please pray for that family and all the family’s that make up the church in Njuli, Mbulumbuzi and Mozambique. The people of Malawi know death. With the preaching of the gospel they can know life also. I will be going to Malawi in August of this year, there are many things planned for that time but the Lord will direct.
Bro. Chuck Miller