Thursday, 28 September 2017

September 28

A week passes fast when you are having fun. I was asked about the tools in the last pictures I sent of the Agogos project.
It is a simple tool that has not changed in forever. It is a mounding hoe but used for all kinds of work. It is a golf clubbed shaped wood stick, very hard wood. A flat metal hoe with a rod attached it is burned into the club part of the stick, that's it. They last for a long time. It cuts through the hard pack earth with much power from the man behind the stick.
As you can see the foundation is about done and will be filled in and tamped down hard and then cement will be poured and let stand. That will be the floor of the home.  The walls will go up in a few days so we will be door. Shopping, it was decided today they will need two doors one facing the old house that will be used for cooking, the other to get out to tend the goats and work the fields. Several 3 windows will be placed at the madam's request. 

We had no water pressure early today or electricity so no shower and boiled oats for breakfast, God is good, a great choir practice, we passed out many, many gospel tracts, soul winning and visit to the Agogos.
Pastor had a meeting with a couple who are planning on marriage which will take place this coming Saturday at Sand Hill. We plan on going just to see how it is done and add our support.

Just a thought, do you know the only difference between a warm shower and a cold shower is the time it takes to get clean.
More later.

Because of the cross, Bro. Chuck