Wednesday, 30 December 2015

More Malawi Report for Christmas 2015

 December 26, 2015
Malawi Report for Christmas 2015
Dear Pastor, family, and friends,
Thanks for all of your Christmas gifts you sent to us it has been a great help to us and the Ministry, we had a great time sharing Christmas with the people at the hospital and the city dump where we give out a Christmas gifts bags, the most important is opportunity we had to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, many people prayed for salvation, God knows their Hearts

On Christmas day we had a wonderful church service at Bible Way Baptist Church Njuli, we had a lot of funny and more gifts for junior church. Please enjoy the pictures I am sending. I hope they tell the story of the power and grace of God’s word.

Once again thank you for supporting us to preach the Gospel and to give out the Christmas gifts, you made our Christmas to be so wonderful,
God Bless you all   Rackson Kaiwe Evangelist   

 John and Rackson along with the police prepare the people for the message


getting ready for the trip to the hospital

Always a break down,after all  it is Malawi.



Not the safes places to preach but much needed. These people know  death and how fast in can arrive.

  Preparing for Christmas service at Njuli. Don’t you just know the kids had a ball.

Thank you for enjoying these pictures with me and I pray they have been a blessing. Your help and support have made these moments of joy possible for the churches in Njuli, Mbulumbuzi and hospital ministries. Thank you and have a blessed new year (wcm) for Rackson.