Monday, 9 April 2018

March 23

Dear praying friends
Greetings from Bible Way Baptist Ministries Malawi Africa, hope you are doing well by His amazing grace.

This is the short update about the Ministry here in Africa, the soul winning team have been at Mwanje village where they have door to door soul winning for this last two weeks, the last Tuesday I went with them and spread in groups as always 42 people got saved after two hours of a rounding the village, and the group village headman asking us if we can plant a Church in the area he promised to give us a free land for the church.
We are continuing going to prison for the bible study only twice a month still going very good, two boys finished their serving in prison both are willing to serve the Lord and learn more about God, one is from Nsanje so we referred him to BBAM down at Tengani where they have a Bible College, I talked with Nelson and Shadreck if they can continue to help him, finally they are more than happy to take part and help teaching him, ( so he is a bible college student now Praise God) another one he is from Phalombe so for now we just told him to wait till Njuli Bible institute opens then he will be part of the students there, there are more young boys in prison that are really willing to be at the bible institute when they get out from prison, praying for the Bibles at prison bible study.
As armyworms and drought has affect us badly and we didn’t have any plant for replacement the only replacement we can do to our area is sweet potatoes, that you can’t keep for a long time, now many families are affected with starvation.

We have two neighboring district that they have maize now it’s on the market and at the Mozambique border there also selling maize now I went there to found out how much per 50 kg bag of maize and how we can buy it as many people are looking and buy as much as they can.
So here are the price: $12.85 per bag this including the transportation, weevils poison and empty bags, we are praying only for 150 bags, if God give us more that means He know we needs more. and this price are for now I don’t know if it will go down or up in next few weeks.
$12.85x 150 Bags of maize =$1927. The plan is whenever we get a help we will send a crew from the church to stay there for few days to buy maize
This is not enough for the whole year but still will help keeping the members of the Church physical alive.
Please pray for this ministry and the needs
Maize for starvation family’s (needed Now)
Kitchen for Bible Institute (needed now)   
Bibles for Bible study at prison
Fund for Bible institute
Thank you for the lettering the lorry now has it's name

Many souls to be saved.
Thank you and God bless you,
Rackson Kaiwe Pastor/Evangelist
Bible Way Baptist Ministries      

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Msusa Village soul winning


 Dear Dad 
Hope you are doing well with Mom, we had a wonderful soul winning at Msusa village where the small Church has been started after the chief asking us to establish the Church in the area, we went for bible study and followup, before we spread out to soul winning in the village, the little Church growing to 39 member now and really willing to learn more about God, after bible study we spread into four groups and it was a wonderful trip 41 people come to the Lord thanks and God bless you keep this village and there small church in prayers.  Son

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

January 21, 2018

January 21, 2018
Dear Pastors and supporting friends
I am greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, hoping you are all doing well by grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
With the many things we have been doing this last week, we were able to go with the youth on Saturday, from Bible Way Baptist Church to visit youth prison at Bvumbwe young offenders. There are 315 youth prisoners, we brought them body and washing soap and other items, we spent much time with them.                        
 Bro. Nixon Petel one of the youth from Bible Way Njuli presented the Gospel of the Lord Jesus and 116 raise their hands for salvation that’s the main issue we went to visit them. The jail-keeper asked us if we can continue to come there for bible studies. He said that will be a big help for those young people to become better people when they go back home and get them closer to God.

I spend some time with 20 prisoners that are willing to work for the Lord when they get out from there, and be a part of bible institute, there is a great need for bibles at the prison they have none for their use at all.
The prisons here are not a good place to be, mainly this youth prison, it’s very unhygienic that’s why there is a lot of diseases, they eat once a day and no meat or fish, if they have those that’s means someone donated it. Please pray for these young prisoners that have believed Jesus to be their personal savior, and those that are not believing to believe before too late.    
I would like to thank you all for your prayers and support, our church youth have benefited a lot from this trip, and we are looking forward to visiting them again with the gospel and bible study God willing.              
God bless you all.
Pastor Rackson Kaiwe