Tuesday, 8 August 2017

August Prayer Letter

Dear brethren in the Lord Jesus,
It is my hope and prayer this will find you all well and glorying in the Lord. I am sorry for taking little longer to update you about the work here, this has happened due to the much work we have on our plate. we have been busy trying to finish up the Mbulumbuzi Church building (Sand Hill Baptist Church) to get it ready for dedication in September, we are almost done now.
This past 3 weeks our ministry was able to reach two villages with the gospel of Christ by going door to door soul winning. One of village called Nsusa they ask us to come plant a new church there. God willing, we will be going there in October. This is the forth village to ask us to start churches in their villages, we are still praying for Gods direction.
I am burdened with a heavy heart and ask you to pray and help if you can. Please, we have an old and very poor couple in our church. The villagers have accused them of being a witch, this happens a lot in Malawi. In some areas, the old people have been killed. The village people reason and ask how this old couple are still alive while the younger people are dying?  It takes us as the church to talk to the chief and the villagers helping them to understand that this old crippled husband and his wife are innocent and I know they love God and they love to be in church. Their home has much damage done to it. The villagers and the relative will not take care of them. As the church, we decide we can help them. We are praying on their behalf for any amount to help rebuild their small house, which they will be waiting for the day to go home to spend eternity. The budget for the little house will cost $900.
 On a much more pleasant thought. Bible Way Baptist Church, Njuli is in the process and planning to hold a Bible conference on 15th 16th and 17th of September. The conference will be blessed to host Brother Chuck Miller and his wife Sheila also Pastor Bill Wright from Bible Way Baptist Church Fl. Bro. John Fullford and his wife Darcy will be with us again and as soon as the conference ends will be leaving to go back to America. God is good to us here. We are also planning on going again to Mozambique and many different places with Brother Chuck as many people are willing to hear more about Christ. Please pray that many souls to be saved during the conference and members to grow in faith and knowledge.

Please pray for our Ministry,
For traveling mercies:
Funds for the Conference: expecting about 400 attendees  
Fund for old couple’s house
More souls to be saved, always
Continued support for the Ministry
God bless you all for your prayers and support

Pastor Rackson Kaiwe