Thursday, 23 February 2017

January 31, 2017 News about Bicycles

Please see the attachment, I just received the report on the new bikes from Rackson. What a blessing it is. Bicycles to a Malawian is like each of us getting a car to help do the work of the church. I thank those of you who made this dream come true many souls will hear of the Lord and the power of His blood. Counting the days till I will be back in Malawi putting my shoulder to the work. There is a picture of baby Joy helping, she is so much bigger now but still as beautiful.
We are very close to retiring the debt on the roof for Mbulumbuzi we have $1700 of the $2200 needed, seems like a little if you say it fast.

Bro. Chuck  

January 31, 2017
Dear Family, friends, supporters and brethren in the Lord,
I am sending this report as a praise report from the church brethren at Njuli. As many know we have been growing very much in the past years or two and God has blessed us much. The church men are thankful for the people who heard our need and sent us the funds for 12 bikes. We got six about 4-5 months ago, and now we have all twelve. We are so blessed with this ministry.

With the growth, we have people come to church from a long way away and visitors also come from far away. It was very difficult for our visitation teams to visit them because the transport cost us a lot of money and sometimes the men of the church would be out after dark before they could get home.
All that is changed now with the new bikes we buy are all here now. The men and woman who go visiting can now visit many more in a day and can be home by last light. We visit our shut-ins, new converts, hold village bible studies and people who visit us and go soul winning. God is blessing us always. I will send pictures in this report of praise of what God had done to us.
Rackson Kaiwe  
Pastor, Njuli Baptist Church

Getting the new bikes up and ready for service.

Put them together and load them up and deliver to the men who will be using them to the glory of the Lord.

Little Joy did not want to get off the Bike

 Help come in all sizes, but this size only helps to keep us more busy.

Thank all of you who had a hand in this work, may God bless and keep you safe. You have made a difference in a hard place. Thank you from all the people in Njuli and Mbulumbuzi.